Helping you reduce, reuse and recycle.

Less waste and more money with cash for cans and bottles.

Supporting the environment and our local community.

Mt Barker Bottle & Can Recycling

Recycling waste from households and businesses is a great way to save energy and resources, look after our environment, and even turn your trash in to cash!

By recycling waste you can help reduce the amount of landfill and pollution produced each year. And knowing the right way to recycle means your efforts aren’t wasted either.

Due to unforeseen circumstances we no longer accept cardboard.

Due to circumstances beyond our control we no longer take scrap metal.

What we recycle

Find out what items can earn you cash, and what items can and can’t go into your recycling collection.

Facts & hints

Discover amazing facts about recycling and learn great tips for recycling waste from your home or business.

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